Equipment must be paid for prior to fabrication and shipping. You can pay three ways:

  1. Credit Card: I use PayPal to process credit cards so you can pay with your card or with a PayPal account, but a PayPal account is required.
  2. Bank Wire Transfer: Better than checks and more secure for all of us. I’ll provide my transferring bank details upon request. F
  3. Check: Please note that it takes up to 7 business days for checks to clear my bank. My bank typically holds larger checks for longer periods of times, regardless of what your bank says or shows. Orders ship when the check clears our bank.

Payment Process

Add your equipment to the store and check out. You will be prompted to pay by a credit card (via PayPal) or to pay with cash or check. Please note, that you do not need a PayPal account in order to check out with a credit card. In many cases, the shipping will be calculated, but there are a few exceptions. If this happens, complete the order, and I will invoice you for the shipping separately.

Credit Card Rejections

Call your bank and check it out. If you need to be convinced to call your bank first, keep reading.

Badger’s Millside Farm has no control over this and we do not know why a card may have been declined. PayPal is the service we use to process the card, so they seek authorization to debit the funds from the credit card just like any other online shopping card payment system.

The most common reasons for a declined order is that the amount exceeds the bank card’s transaction or daily spending limit. Remember, your order may easily exceed $5,000, which is the cutoff for many cards.

Call your bank and request a temporary limit increase. Let the bank know the amount and the date you plan to make the purchase. Then make the purchase on the day you told the bank or the limit will revert back to the lower amount.

I’ve discussed this issue with several buyers who refused to believe their banks were putting limits on them. When the buyers finally called the bank, they learned that, yes, there were some newly imposed purchasing limits.

There’s also security to consider on the card itself. If you’re getting denied but believe you should not be denied, call your bank. It could be a signal that something else is wrong.