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At Badger’s Millside Farm, we raise our birds on pasture, which means the birds spend a majority of their lives on fresh, green grass where they forage for grass and insects in the sunshine. The chickens are moved often to ensure they stay clean and healthy. Recent research by the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association shows that pasture-raised chicken had increased vitamin D and E levels in addition to a lower Omega 6:3 ratio when compared to non-pasture-raised chicken.

A Badger chicken is never given sub-therapeutic antibiotics to promote growth, nor do they receive preventative coccidiostats in their feed. We rely on good management and a pasture production system to manage the health and nutrition of our chickens.

About the feed: We feed a non-genetically modified (non-gmo) feed that is milled from grains grown in central Pennsylvania. The feed includes an organic vitamin supplement from Fertrell that includes specialty materials like North Atlantic Kelp Meal and Direct Fed Microbials to ensure the health and nutrition of our flock.

There are two ways to purchase chicken from us. Subscribe to the buying club or purchase individuals chickens throughout the year.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Pasture-Raised Eggs