Certified Organic Ready to Lay Pullets

$14 each. Quantity discounts for 100 or more.

See the product details (scroll down) to compare the point of lay pullet cost to the cost it takes to raise a replacement pullet.

Certified Organic “red sexlink” pullets will be available in mid-June 2017 (week of June 19th). Hens will be distributed to Hughesville, PA for pickup at 16-17 weeks of age and will begin laying within a couple of weeks after acclimating to their new environment.

To order: Call 570-713-9282 or email info@millsidefarm.com.

=> Birds need to be picked up as soon as possible on the day they are delivered. We’ll provide you with the time we expect the truck so that you can plan to be here and be ready. Birds not picked up on delivery day will be resold.