Full Beak Ready To Lay Pullets

Approximate pickup date is late April 2018. Exact pickup date and time will be given closer to estimated pickup.

->$9.00 for up to 99
->$8.00 for more than 100
-> Looking for 300, 500 or more? Ask for price.

Scroll down to the product details for a cost analysis of purchasing point of lay pullets compared to raising your own replacements from day old.

We’re now taking orders for ready-to-lay pullets. They will be 16 weeks old on April 18, 2018 and will be between 16 and 17 weeks old at the time you pick them up. The birds are vaccinated but have full, untrimmed beaks. These birds are not raised certified organic. They will produce eggs a few weeks after you pick them up and after they adjust to their new environment.

To order: Call 570-713-9282 or email info@millsidefarm.com.

=> Birds need to be picked up as soon as possible on the day they are delivered. We’ll provide you with the pickup date and time so that you can plan to be here and be ready. Birds not picked up on delivery day will be resold.

=> Badger’s is a retail location for Moyer’s Chicks who raises reputable and reliable pullet; this helps ensure the birds are raised in a way that sets them up for optimal growth and egg production.

=> Final pickup date will be provided the week or two prior the estimated pickup date. Be ready.

$8 each for 100 or more.