Badger’s provides products and services to pastured poultry farmers and ready-to-eat chicken, pork, and turkey to families in the north central Pennsylvania area.

Featured Products

Full Beak Ready To Lay Pullets

->$9.00 for up to 99
->$8.00 for more than 100
-> Looking for 200, 500 or more? Ask for price.

Scroll down to the product details for a cost analysis of purchasing point of lay pullets or raising your own replacements from day old.

We’re now taking orders for ready-to-lay pullets from Moyer’s Chicks on April 3, 2017 (date is approximate). Moyer’s has a strong reputation for supplying productive pullets.

These brown egg layers are delivered to Badger’s at approximately 17 weeks of age  for pickup. The birds are vaccinated but have full, untrimmed beaks. These birds are not raised certified organic. They will produce eggs a few weeks after you pick them up and after they adjust to their new environment.

To order: Call 570-713-9282 or email

=> Birds need to be picked up as soon as possible on the day they are delivered. We’ll provide you with the time we expect the truck so that you can plan to be here and be ready. Birds not picked up on delivery day will be resold.

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Poultry Man Stainless Steel Plucker


After the chickens are scalded, they go into the plucker for approximately 30 seconds where they tumble around. As they tumble, they receive a cool water rinse and the rubber fingers inside the plucker “picks” the feathers from the scalded bird. If you’ve ever spent an hour plucking a rooster, you’ll be amazed by a scalder and plucker.

Models available to handle everything from quail (gamebirds) to game hens to layers to broilers to turkeys.

See below for key features and more info.

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Stainless Steel Rotary Scalder by Poultry Man


The Poultry Man stainless steel scalders ensure you get the perfect scald on your chickens (broilers and  hens), turkeys, guineas, and other poultry every single time. Available in 30″, 41″, and 47″ sizes. See below for full description.

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Trailer Pit Charcoal Grill


Take your grillin’ business on the road or setup at your on-farm market to offer perfectly grilled chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn and much more. Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 pit variations. Optional light kit for towing.

Grills are pickup only from Hughesville or Mifflinburg, PA location.

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